Unusual Ingredients

Unusual ingredients is a collaboration between musicians Jacob Thompson-Bell and Adam Martin, with food artist Caroline Hobkinson.

Unusual ingredients is a multisensory collective bringing to life the relationships between sound and flavour. Join us on a multisensory adventure fusing live electronics, location recording, and food, drawing on the latest scientific research into sensory perception.

Experience how specific sound frequencies can intensify sweet or bitter flavours, accentuate texture, and capture the terroir of foods from beetroot to bubble-gum. The set features popping candy, coffee, nori seaweed, and more, each enhanced by a specially-created piece of music designed to transform and dramatise its flavours.

Unusual ingredients is inspired by scientific research into the sensory links between sound and flavour perception, particularly the pioneering Professor Charles Spence who has participated in early tasting sessions for the project. These include sensory phenomena such as the modulation of sweet and bitter flavours through high and low frequencies, and how sound impacts the perception of texture in food and drink.

“The effect is as invigorating as it is absorbing…” The Times.

Suitable for ages 16+

Photo Credit: Angus McDonald

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