Theatre Broad – ‘Terminate This’

By Gareth Candy

This production is part of Theatre Broad’s ‘Community Roots’ programme

John Connor was a happy teenager, listening to music, playing basketball, and hoping to become a professional basketball player.  On the 3rd June, 2019 – all that changed!

John, along with his mother Sarah, and Cameron a reprogrammed Terminator sent back from the future, became the leader of the Resistance who led the war against Skynet and its machines.

John is not alone on his journey, his good friends and class mates from Crest View High School, assist him along the way.  Help is also on hand from that champion of Planet Earth, The Doctor and her companion Graham.  Together they journey through the Universe hoping to find the answer to their quest – How to defeat Termie (The Terminator.)  Will they find the answer?  Will Planet Earth be saved?  Join us in this exciting musical extravaganza and enjoy the journey!

(Disabled & Carer/under 21 free)


Event Info

Cost - £8

Date - 7 Oct 2022

Doors - 7:00 pm



Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE

+44 (0)1786 27 4000


Theatre Broad – ‘Terminate This’ - Gallery

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