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On the Frontline’, Climate Change Impacts on the Historic Environment

Scotland has declared a climate emergency and our historic environment has unique potential to inspire climate action. 

Scotland’s historic sites are-inspiring, bringing visitors to marvel at our castles, cairns, abbeys and palaces. And much of our daily life takes place in the historic buildings that have become our much-loved homes, workplaces, schools and community spaces. But our historic environment is on the front line.

In this section, watch some of our videos that show how we are responding to the impacts of the climate crisis on our historic environment, and how we are using science proactively to further understand the bigger picture. Have a look at our Climate Action Plan, which details our climate action ambitions for the historic environment 2020-2025, which we can realise together. 

Power in Partnerships – Climate Change Impacts on the Historic Environment

Tackling climate change is a job best carried out in partnership with others. In Part Two of our series we look at how working with other people and organisations is helping to enhance our own understanding of how climate change will impact the historic environment.

Adapting to Change’ Climate change impacts on the Historic Environment

The built historic environment is inherently resilient to the climate in which it was built, it was designed to cope with the wet climate of Scotland. But as our climate changes and we experience increasing levels of rainfall we need to make sure we are looking after the protection our buildings have already, and where necessary think about making small alterations to make them more resilient. We explore these themes in Part Three of our ‘Climate Change Impacts on the Historic Environment’ series.

Lecture: Climate Change and The Historic Environment, Dr Mairi Davies HES Climate Change Policy Manager

In this presentation Dr Mairi Davies, Climate Change Policy Manager at HES, looks at the threat posed by climate to our sites and to Scotland’s historic environment. The presentation looks at the Climate Change Team’s work in examining what the threats are and how we are adapting our sites to be less harmful to the environment, and also to withstand the likely effects of climate change. Dr Davies also looks at what other who care for historic buildings can do to mitigate these risks. 

Q&A with a Climate Change Scientist

During the challenging times of this pandemic, it’s easy to forget that the climate crisis hasn’t gone away. Even now, HES are continuing our important work and research on the impacts of climate change.

This recording from 7 May 2021 of a live Q&A with David Harkin, Climate Change Scientist, investigates how climate change affects Scotland’s historic places and how you can help make the difference.

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