Stirling Science Festival Programme Overview

19th – 22nd October

Stirling Science Festival is back with a bang!

The annual festival, now in its third year, will return this October with a fun packed programme including special guests Our Dynamic Earth.

Taking place during the school autumn break (19 – 22 October), this year’s line-up includes a host of free interactive events; from science shows and coding challenges to Lego workshops and even an inter-schools weave off.

Events will take place across Stirling from the Tolbooth and Albert Halls to local libraries and Thistles Shopping Centre from 19-22 October.

For information on each event click here  or see the programme below. More events will be added soon!

22 highlights

A Lament of Power 

Tolbooth Exhibition 6th October – 29th October part of Stirling Science Festival

The Tolbooth gallery will show an ambitious film exploring the ethics of scientific discovery and the complex relationship between science, politics and race in an age of avatars, video gaming and DNA Ancestry testing.

Betty the Basking Shark  at Thistle Stirling

01st October – 31st October

The work of Edinburgh artist Johnathan Elders, Betty is a life-sized basking shark which aims to illustrate the sheer scale of Scotland’s electronic waste problem.

Community Gallery Coding Challenges at Thistles Stirling

01st October – 31st October

Take on our coding challenge! Create a text based adventure game using any piece of software. In a classic interactive fiction book your story would change depending on what option you picked at various points …there was always more than one ending to the story or you sometimes never made it to the end of a story! We would like you to create a similar story using software. Include some amazing science facts in your story. Games will be accessible throughout the Thistles via a QR code.

What’s your STEAM Story exhibition at Thistles Stirling

12th October – ongoing

Wed 19 October

Discover the Deep at Tolbooth Stirling

Join the team from Dynamic Earth and take a deep-dive into Scotland’s marine Heritage with Discover the Deep! With lots of hands-on activities and experiences on offer – including the chance to see real deep-sea specimens and carry out your own biodiversity survey of a deep-water reef – there’s something for the whole family to enjoy!

Looking at the Stars at Stirling Highland Hotel

Come and look through the impressive 133 year old Newtonian reflective telescope within the copper domed observatory of the category A listed Stirling Highland Hotel. See views of Saturn’s rings and Titon it’s largest moon; Jupiter and the 4 Galilean Moons… and after 9pm Mars!

Sepa Air Quality Exhibition at Dunblane Library

19th October – 16th November

This interactive touring exhibition aims to raise awareness of the science and issues around air quality. It encourages visitors of all ages to think about their local environment and the quality of the air, how poor air quality can affect them and their family and how we can all help to improve air quality through our daily choices.

Bicycle Powered Scaletrics and Smoothie Bikes at Thistles Stirling

19th October – 20th October

Start pedaling to generate the electricity required to make the cars speed around the track on our Bicycle Powered Scalextrics! Or generate energy to whilst pedaling on bikes to power blenders.

Thu 20 Oct 

Stenlorigma Codebreaking Workshop  at Bannockburn Library

Learn about World War II codebreaking and intercept and decode radio messages. Using Microbit based replicas of encoding machines, participants will use Morse code to hunt down submarines in an exciting game of cat and mouse.

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Science Show – Do you feel lucky? at Tolbooth Stirling

This interactive show  examines superstition and ‘luck’ in more detail. There is also a powerful demonstration of mind reading to encourage a more sceptical and critical outlook on things – we encourage the audience to work out how it is done. Overall I hopefully persuade people to look at things a little more critically – the bump in the night is probably the heating pipes rather than a ghost! The idea is drawn from a book by Richard Wiseman called ‘The Luck Factor’ where he examined many people, some who thought they were lucky and some who thought they led unlucky lives, and came up with 4 principles of luck.

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Clydebuilt Puppet Show at Bannockburn Library

Follow the Dinosaur Detectives as they search for clues about the past.

Once upon a time enormous creatures walked the earth, creatures that became known in Victorian times as Dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur Detectives follow a fascinating journey of discovery, fun and conflict surrounding the first fossil finds of Mary Anning, William Buckland and Gideon Mantell. A Historical story with puppetry combined with projection and shadow theatre create their fascinating world.

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Lego Showcase and STEM boxes at Thistles Stirling 

20th – 21st October

One Button Benny  at Thistles Stirling

20th – 21st October

First Session 12PM
Second Session 2PM

Join award-winning author Alan Windram and award-winning actress and presenter Rachel Kennedy as they come together in this highly interactive picture book event for three- to six-year-olds with sing-along songs, song writing, storytelling, and lots of fabulous visuals from the books. There will definitely be some ‘robot dancing too. Find out what happened when Benny pressed his button.

Fri 21 Oct

Froglife at Thistles Stirling

Come join Froglife and learn more about how to create, restore and manage ponds for amphibians and other wildlife! You can also join a novel virtual reality exhibition.

How Clean Are you Hands?  at Thistles Stirling,

21st October, by NHS Forth Valley

Under the Microscope at Thistles Stirling

21st October, by NHS Forth Valley

An introduction to microbiology

Dementia Awareness Activity at Thistle Stirling

21st October by NHS Forth Valley

My Big Science Adventure  at Central Library Stirling

Join writer and story teller Liza Miles as she shares her favourite science stories and then create your own book ‘My Big Science Adventure…’ with help from artist Dawn McLaren.

To book – email  or Tel: 01786 812492

My Big Science Adventure at Fallin Library

Join writer and story teller Liza Miles as she shares her favourite science stories and then create your own book ‘My Big Science Adventure…’ with help from artist Dawn McLaren.

To book – email  or Tel: 01786 812492

Sat 22 Oct

Digital Skills 4 Everyone at CodeBase Stirling

Come to CodeBase to find out more about what they do and how to get involved or to learn some digital skills.

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Albert Halls Family Day

Join us in the Albert Halls for a great, fun day for all the family. There’ll be science activities, interactive circus skills and a stilt walker.

Glasgow Science Centre of Tour ‘BodyVision’ at St Ninians Library

BodyVision is an interactive exhibition that aims to educate children about the human body. The exhibition will be visiting St Ninians Library as part of Stirling Science Festival.


The festival is produced by Stirling Council  in partnership with, Dynamic Earth, Forth Valley College, the University of Stirling, Codebase, Thistle Stirling, City Fibre. Supported by EventScotland, Scottish Government.



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