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Snakes and Ladders

Roll the dice and play a game of snakes and ladders. Use the statements to consider the issue of food waste and discuss your views on them. You will become more aware of the benefits of preventing food from going to waste and recycling rather than binning unavoidable food waste.

Zero Waste Scotland Snakes & Ladders





The Food Waste Diary

Food waste

This useful ZWS resource encourages you to think about your own food waste and what you can do to reduce this. It involves literacy, science, social science and maths.

Life cycle of a strawberry 


This interesting ZWS resources explores the journey of food from how and where it is grown to how it arrives on your plate and how to limit food waste. It is a literacy task that enables young children to use images to tell a story.

How long does litter take to break down?

plastic cups

This educational ZWS resource looks at the issue of litter and how long litter takes to decompose. It involves literacy and numeracy skills and considers environmental science.

Plate Promise word search

cafeteria food

This fun resource considers key words for food and food storage. It involves a word search to find the key words followed by a literacy task to use the words within a sentence. It explores health and wellbeing and involves literacy skills.

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