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Videos, interactive models, downloads and links about the conservation work at the Engine Shed


The Engine Shed Build – Video (All Ages)

 The Engine Shed is Scotland’s building conservation centre, based in Stirling. It serves as a hub for building and conservation professionals and the public, and is part of Historic Environment Scotland, the lead public body set up to investigate, care for and promote Scotland’s historic environment.

At the Engine Shed we use scientific analysis of building materials to help conserve more than 300 properties in our care. Similarly, the Digital Documentation Team uses state of the art digital technology to document our heritage in 3D.

As part of Stirling Science Festival, we have compiled a range of videos, interactive models, downloads and links to find out more about our work.

The Engine Shed is closed to visitors at the moment, though we hope this science showcase can inspire you find out more online, or come and visit us when we re-open in the future.

Echoes of the Engine Shed – Video (All Ages)

This project from the Engine Shed creatively celebrates Scotland’s superwomen of science, through music and theatre. Electric Voice Theatre worked with conservation scientists from the Engine Shed and children from Raploch Primary School, Riverside Primary School and Stirling High School, to deliver ‘Echoes’, which culminated in a live performance at the Engine Shed in September 2019.

This video tells the story of the project and showcases some of its outputs.

SketchFab Models (12+)

At the Engine Shed, we use both augmented and virtual reality to help understand the past, and conserve heritage for future generations. Sketchfab is a platform that allows us to publish and share our work, why not have a look at some of our models from Stirling Castle?

Stirling Castle Models

As well as showcasing the finer details of historic places, we also use digital technology to model entire sites. Have a look at our interactive model of Edinburgh Castle? Scientific technology like this can our sites be more accessible to people who might not have had a chance to come visit for themselves!

Interactive Edinburgh Castle Models


‘On the Frontline’, Climate Change Impacts on the Historic Environment –

‘Scotland has declared a climate emergency and our historic environment has unique potential to inspire climate action.

Scotland’s historic sites are-inspiring, bringing visitors to marvel at our castles, cairns, abbeys and palaces. And much of our daily life takes place in the historic buildings that have become our much-loved homes, workplaces, schools and community spaces. But our historic environment is on the front line.

In this section, watch some of our videos that show how we are responding to the impacts of the climate crisis on our historic environment, and how we are using science proactively to further understand the bigger picture. Have a look at our Climate Action Plan, which details our climate action ambitions for the historic environment 2020-2025, which we can realise together.


Climate Action Plan

Our Climate Action Plan details our climate action ambitions for the historic environment for 2020–2025, which we can realise by working together.

What Can We Do?

Historic Environment Scotland has a wealth of learning resources online, as well as more information for school teachers and parents.

Online Resources

Find out more information about the Engine Shed here.

See the full programme of the Stirling Science Festival.

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