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How to Make a Kaleidoscope – Video (Family)

Did you know that the Kaleidoscope was invented by a Scottish man, Sir David Brewster?

A kaleidoscope is a toy that uses light and mirrors to reflect objects and create fascinating repeating patterns. There are many different types of kaleidoscopes that create different patterns, but all use the same basic laws of physics, manipulating light and reflection.

This video shows you how to make your own kaleidoscope from materials around the house.


How to Make an Origami Star – Video (Family)

Did you know that there are hundreds of billions of stars in the Universe but only one star in our Solar System and that is the Sun?

In this video you can make a paper origami star all of your own, to hang from your bedroom ceiling or to put on your wall. Or perhaps you could make lots of stars and make them into a hanging star mobile.


Under the Ocean: Paper Quilling – Video (Family)
Did you know that around 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans? The largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean, covering around 30% of our planet’s surface.

There are so many amazing creatures in our oceans. This arts & crafts video shows you how to use the art of paper quilling to make a delightful under the ocean scene.



How to make a Sensory Bottle – Video (Age 5 – 10 yrs)

In this video, you will learn how to make various types of sensory bottle. Sensory bottles are bottles filled with various materials and liquid that create a fun, clean sensory experience for children. They are a fantastic way to help children calm down and regulate their breathing when stressed or overtired, they also help develop curiosity and discovery. Additionally, they are lots of fun to make!



Our Solar System Quiz – Video (Age 5-10 yrs)

Try this quiz and see how much you know about our Solar System. Do you think you can get full marks?

This quiz was made on Scratch. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and website where you can create games, quizzes and more. We have a great video below that shows you how to create your own game in Scratch.

How to Create a Game with Scratch Coding – Video (Age 8+)

This informative video by the Tolbooth’s Ray Lamb, will take you through the Scratch coding process. By the end you will be able to design your own fun game.

Catch the Jellyfish Scratch Game – Video (Age 5 – 10 yrs)

A fun Scratch game, where you try to beat the clock and catch the jellyfish as many times as you can!


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