AIRS Exhibition

open tues – sats 10-5pm

This is a FREE exhibition in the Tolbooth gallery from 2nd – 26th November 2021 (Tues-Sats)

Scottish contemporary landscape artist Beth Robertson Fiddes, has created a stunning exhibition of paintings, which shares inspiration with Mhairi Hall’s AIRS.

“When Mhairi initially contacted me regarding her Airs project I was very interested in finding out more. I was familiar with and an admirer of her music and felt it would be good to hear more about what inspires her as the places referenced in her music are often those which inspire my own work.

The opportunity to spend a few days in Crear, where Airs was to be recorded was fantastic, it was not an area I had visited before and it was good to spend some time exploring the coast there and watching the weather sweep in across the sky, which seems somehow bigger than at home.

In my own work I’m interested in the passage of time and my perception that in a landscape, certain things seem transient, fleeting and elusive, alive almost. With tides, splashes, breaking waves and angry waters I’m trying to catch a moment, to imagine that moment is all the time I have, a life in a millisecond, and to find, save and preserve forms and structures in that movement.

In pieces based on the seemingly unchanging, immovable rocks and mountains, I look for evidence of movement and change.  A sense that they have a life on a larger scale and over unimaginable time frames.  I try to combine the seemingly ageless with the more ephemeral to reflect my experience of the character of the landscape.

My method of working on the paintings reflects this. I add paper and paint, wash bits off, sand things back time after time until I’m happy with it. There are elements of, I hope, controlled experiment and accident in order to move technique forward.  Some things never get finished but the process is still valuable to me. I have a quest to see or feel things as I did before I knew what everything was, to a time when I felt everything had a connection and the world seemed full of possibilities.”

Please Note: There will be a performance in auditorium on Sat 13th Nov by Mhairi Hall of her album AIRS. Performance tickets will be £11/9. Doors 7pm, show at 7:30pm for 70mins, followed by viewing of exhibition.

AIRS Performance

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Cost - £FREE


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Tuesday – Saturday 10:00-18:00

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