A Tale of The Tolbooth

Friday 18th June – Saturday 10th July

Tolbooth Stirling in association with Creative Scotland, and Scene Stirling commissioned five Visual Artists to each create a piece of work, to be exhibited in a group show at Tolbooth Gallery.

Titled ‘A Tale Of Tolbooth’, the exhibition launches on 18th June and will show the Tolbooth through the ages, taking inspiration from the buildings varied past and exciting present.  Each of the artists have created a bespoke piece as their response to the Tolbooth’s unique history and current place in Stirling’s vibrant arts scene.


The exhibition will be sound tracked by a bespoke musical score created by Duncan Lyall, providing a unique multisensory experience.

Meet the artists

Fiona Black – Fiona will produce a series of Lino Prints looking at Scottish Women, with a particular link to Stirling and Tolbooth.  Fiona is extensively researching women who have slipped thought the teaching of history in Scotland, with a view to make them visible and celebrated.

Harry Kemp – Harry will combine acrylics and ink on canvas, with photography to create a large piece of work incorporating an image of the Tolbooth building, while layering acrylic and ink in a response to the artistic output of the building.

Catherine Eckersall –  Catherine’s piece will feature an oil on canvas painting based on a map of Stirlingshire. Each area in the map representative of different styles of music performed at the Tolbooth, together; these sections would form an impression of the Scottish music scene. Additionally, Catherine will generate digital soundwaves from pieces of music and translate into the painting as some of the roads in the map that would lead to the Tolbooth.

Alice Campbell – Alice will create a large 2 panel oil painting, with music and musicians at it’s heart, but also with references to Tolbooth’s past.  The work will celebrate the traditional folk scene, capture the emotion and energy that comes from musicians, intertwined with references to Tolbooth’s history. Alice will be using pattern and collage inspired by her research into Tolbooth’s past.

Kirstie Young – Kirstie’s work will be a mixed media piece using both digital film, and a sculptural piece created from found objects, showing different videos relating to Tolbooth.   The work will also include Kirstie’s interpretation of a continual waterfall.

Duncan Lyall – Duncan is a musician, originally from Dunblane, and will be write a unique musical score to accompany the project.




Event Info

Cost - £FREE


Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE

+44 (0)1786 27 4000


Tuesday – Saturday 10:00-18:00

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