Playlist challenge – Piano songs


Tutor Brian has made a playlist of songs which are centred around a piano, but span a range of genres and styles.

Check out the playlist which follows this video for inspiration, and then create your own playlist of favourite piano songs – or any instrument you like!

Share with friends and introduce them to some new music!


The songs:

1 – ‘Late October’ by Harold Budd

– A distinguished pioneer of ambient music collaborated with Eno on this. The full album plays unless you stop it.


2 – ‘I’m Not Human At All’ by Sleep Party People

– Danish outfit. This is a live version and in my view better than the album version. Also recommended – ‘Ten Feet Up’.


3 – ‘Eden’ by Talk Talk

– If I put this first it could only go downhill from there on! From the album Spirit of Eden released in 1988. An incredible album at the time and still stands up. Their influence on subsequent pop outfits can be heard on this record. I’d recommend listening to the whole album from start to finish uninterrupted.


4 – ‘Song to the Siren’ by This Mortal Coil

– A cover of a Tim Buckley song sung by Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins. A definite funeral tune on my demise!


5 – ‘We Have A Map Of The Piano’ by Mum

Icelandic outfit that made big noises with tiny sounds. This from their debut album Finally we are no one. Dinky!


6 – ‘The Bird’ by Kathryn Joseph

– From her debut album Bones you have thrown me and blood I have spilled. A dear friend of mine. We wrote together back in early 2000’s and she sang on an album i released in 2002. Delicate beauty.


7 – ‘Bats in the Attic’ by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins

– Taken from the album ‘Diamond Mine’ released in 2011. A crafty lyricist with damn fine Fife accent! Also note the beautiful harmonies.


8 – ‘Ruins’ (full album) by Grouper

– 39 minutes of piano, noises and her voice. released in 2014. Recommended track – ‘Clearing’ at 1:39.


9 – ‘The Piano Drop’ by Tim Hecker

– Canadian sound artist. Taken from the album ‘Ravedeath’, 1972. I first heard this album on a train to Zaragoza. First thing I did when I got there was to shave all my hair off.


10 – ‘Birdsulfur’ by The Wayne Devro Set

– Local lad with a powdery house and minimal chord movements.

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