Play Your Kitchen


Musical sounds are all around us. They can make us want to dance smile and cry but they are totally invisible. What is a sound and what makes it musical?

We are going to create music based on John Cages Water Walk and the tools from Chrome music Lab to investigate what sounds are made of and explore the space between sound and music.

Produced by – Tolbooth / Stirling Council for the Stirling Science Festival online, Oct 2020

Presented by – Rory Clark, as commissioned by Tolbooth / Stirling Council

Show us what you’ve been creating!

We’d love to see how you’re using the resources and lessons to make music at home. If you’ve used our videos and activities to write a song, learn a new instrument, make a playlist, or if they’ve inspired you musically in other ways, please tag us in any social media posts you’ve made sharing this content, or use the hashtag #tolboothworkshops

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