Family Day

Join us for some fun, family workshops!!

We’ll be hosting a FREE fun family day at The Albert Halls Stirling, with lots of activities for all ages.   Join us from 10am to 4pm to take part in a fantastic selection of FREE activities.

There will be something for everyone with activities such as an amination workshop where you can create your own characters, and photography fun where you can learn tips and tricks.  You can try your hand at fruit dj’ing, or even learn some circus skills!

We’ll have a pop-up café in the main hall, and Central FM presenters  will be here to DJ and even give away some prizes, so why not join in the fun!

Graffitti Art

Come and lend your artistic flair to a big 2022 graffitti style mural that will be added to throughout the event, with everyone drawing and writing about what 2021 has meant to us, and what we’re looking forward to in 2022! There will also a Graffitti lettering activity, where you can design, create and take home your own colourful name board.


Trick your brain into seeing something that isn’t there! In this family-friendly workshop, you will be shown how to make a Thaumatrope, a popular, Victorian optical toy that was the precursor to modern films and animation.

Also drop in for a taste of stop-motion film making and help bring our collection of toys to life through movie magic and traditional animation techniques

Fruit DJing

Have you ever used a banana as a keyboard? Or a cauliflower as a drumkit? How about using a bunch of apples to remix one of your favourite songs? Through some simple science and a few fun tech components you can turn any conductive material into a musical instrument, even each other!

Take A Picture!

Come and join us for this Photo Booth selfie Holiday extravaganza!

Learn how to put on your best pose, and choose from a number of backdrops and props that say something about you.

Learn how to edit and add text and graphics in photoshop express app (free software from the adobe professional creative group) and print out your selfie and take it home with you!

Circus Skills

Try your hand at juggling, diablo, plate spinning and plate spinning!


Event Info

Cost - £FREE

Albert Halls

Dumbarton Road
Thurs and Fri 10am-4pm

+44 (0)1786 473 544

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