Albert Halls Family Day

14th October, 10AM – 4PM at Albert Halls, Stirling

Join us at the Albert Halls in partnership with the University of Stirling and Forth Valley College for a great, fun day for all the family.

Full programme below:

See the World Differently

Do you want to see the world differently? Come and try on our vision shifting goggles! We will show you how your brain changes and adapts super quickly.

Age 4+

University of Glasgow

Ultrasound Scanning of Human Anatomy

See what goes under your skin using modern Ultrasound technology. Ultrasound scanning can see inside muscles, tendons and ligaments and how they move in our body.

Age 16+

Life Fit Wellness

Measurement of muscle strength and balance

Discover how utilising modern technology to measure human performance.

Age 16+

Life Fit Wellness

Your racing heart

Using multimedia, models and instruments to demonstrate the heart’s response to exercise.

University of Stirling 

We Deserve to Preserve – an Interactive Game

Which innovations did people invent in the past to preserve food, what are some popular preservation methods today, and what could the future bring to saving food waste? Come along and match the correct preservation method to the correct time – and learn how to save food waste along the way!

University of Stirling

The power of team work and exploring human and animal minds

Discover the power of teamwork in research! Join us for interactive puzzles and games that reveal how collaboration enables us to tackle big questions about human and animal minds.

University of Stirling

How do we choose? Help researches to understand decision making!

Take part in reseach about the development of decision making and curiosity by playing some fun games. Meet the researchers from the University of Stirling and learn about the science of decisions. You can also take part online!

Age 4+

University of Stirling

Let’s talk about play: Listening to children’s voices

Calling children aged between 5 and 15! We would like you to hear your thoughts on where and how you play and hang out. Researchers at the University of Stirling want to know whether children and young people are satisfied with the places they have to play and hang out. We want to listen to the voices of children and young people. Come along and talk, draw, and play with us!

University of Stirling

Science of Composting and Waste Challenge

Find out more about what happens to the waste after you put it in the bin and the science behind recycling. Try out the recycling game – do you know what goes in which bin?

Stirling Council

DIY Turbines

Scottish inventor Professor James Blyth developed, built and tested Britain’s first electricity generating wind-powered machine, in the garden of his holiday home in Aberdeenshire. We will build, test and then modify a wind turbine, to see which design gets the best results. 

Age 8+

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Forth Valley College

How a Scottish Inventor made it affordable to see

Ron Hamilton invented the daily disposable contact lens that revolutionised the world of vision. We will explore the inner workings of the eye and how important good eyesight is to our perception on the world. Not for the squeamish!!

Age 8+ with adult supervision

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Forth Valley College

Play Talk Read Van 

Outside Albert Halls

The Play,Talk,Read team would like to invite you and your little one along to a FREE drop-in family session on board our double decker play bus Benji.
We have plenty of messy play, fancy dress, arts & crafts, and lots of books for you to enjoy!
Our activities are aimed at families with children aged 0-4 years old. No booking necessary and entry is free.
10am – 1pm and 2-4pm
Scottish Government 

Bring wildlife into gardens

Find out how everyone can help nature and bring wildlife into gardens and communities.

Butterfly Conservation Trust

The Tartan Juggler

Join The Tartan Juggler for some cool circus skills

Botanica Fabula Tales from the back of the Apothecary’s Cabinet

Join herbal storyteller Amanda Edmiston (Botanica fabula) as we travel back in time to dust off the dark green bottles, in this piece, inspired by the work done towards the end of the Scottish witch trials by pioneering Scotswoman, the first woman to publish a herbal: Elizabeth Blackwell.

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See the full programme of the Stirling Science Festival.

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Cost - £FREE

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Thurs and Fri 10am-4pm

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