Albert Halls Family Day

As Part of Stirling Science Festival 10AM – 4PM

Join us in the Albert Halls for a great, fun day for all the family. There’ll be science activities, interactive circus skills and a stilt walker.

Check out some of the highlights below:

Pond Doctor

Learn more about how to create, restore and manage ponds for amphibians and other wildlife! You will also get the chance to join Froglife’s exciting, novel virtual reality exhibition.

Science of Composting and Waste Challenge

The Science of Household Waste – Find out what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at composting facilities, the science of composting and an interactive demonstration on how to build your own ‘soilarium’. Take on the waste challenge – are you an expert recycler?

Chemistry and Music

What do chemistry and music have in common? Why did Tchaikovsky say ” I shall never listen to music again without that image coming into my mind”. Come to find out more.

This event will run several times throughout the day. Please book on the day.

Crime Detection using fingerprinting

Lift and analyse your own fingerprints and graduate to an assistant detective.
This event will run several times throughout the day. Please book on the day.


Come and test your sense of smell and learn more about how important this sense is.

Adventurous Play/Curiousity

The Power of Play Play is all about fun, freedom, and friendship, but did you know that it is also important for children’s health, wellbeing, and learning? This exhibit will be all about the science of play. We want you to tell us all about when, how, and with whom you play! Visit us to design your dream playground and tell us how you would use it.

Parasitoid Wasps

What is the point of a wasp? This is a question many people asking when they are harassed by wasps when they are trying to have a peaceful picnic. But without wasps maybe those tasty strawberries might be eaten by aphids before they make it into your picnic basket. We’ll explore how wasps help protect the food we eat from other insects, like aphids and caterpillars.

Maths Puzzle Table

Come and play with some hands on maths puzzles, exploring shapes, patterns and counting.

Climate Change Impacts

Come and see a demonstration on how we can manage global warming effects on the one of the most important water quality indications, dissolved oxygen in lakes.


Using a range of simple exercises (running on the spot, jumping up and down, carrying shopping bags), our workshop will allow participants to see the electrical impulses used to power their muscles, and also the amount of energy released by movement/ exercise. As well as visualising the amplitude of electric waveforms during the different activities attendees will also be able to virtually power a range of common household appliances through movement/ exercise, giving them (literally) a very hands-on experience of the energy cost of powering day-to-day appliances.
Participants should understand that the body (specifically muscles) are powered by electrical signals.  That the greater the signal amplitude, the harder the muscles work.
That movement releases kinetic energy, and that energy can power devices that they typically plug in or run off of a battery at home.

That the power generated by movement is related to the speed and the force of the movement, and that increasing speed will decrease force and vice versa.

Outdoors activities

Circus skills, face painting and stilt walker  – fun for the whole family.

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Cost - £FREE

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