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On second thoughts, let’s not plant trees to mitigate climate change! – Video Presentation (12+)

Large scale tree planting is proposed to combat climate change. The logic being, as a tree photosynthesizes and grows, it takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Unfortunately, however, proponents of this approach sometimes forget that, on planet Earth, it is soils that actually store more carbon than both vegetation and the atmosphere, combined; anything that threatens this, including tree planting in the wrong circumstances, should be avoided. Ecosystem ecologist, Professor Phil Wookey, draws on his research – and experience in both the Arctic and Scotland – to investigate!

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Looking to Space to understand how climate change is impacting our inland waters – Video Presentation (12+)

Ocean from space

There are over 100 million lakes around the world, crucially important to life on earth. Yet we only have info on a tiny fraction of them. Here, Professor Andrew Tyler talks us through how climate change is impacting on these vital waters and how we can use satellites to better understand the impacts.

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Food and Nutrition Security in a complex and changing world – Video Presentation, Q&A Padlet (14+)

Join Professor Rachel Norman, Chair in Food Security and Sustainability, in exploring some of the problems around access to sustainably produced, healthy food.  How will this change with population growth, climate change, covid-19 and political uncertainty? What are the possible solutions and what can we do as individuals? Then you take part in the activities below.

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Why not use this Padlet link to ask Rachel any questions that you may have or post any ideas on the topic?

You can also find additional educational resources on Food Security here.

Covid-19 Bite-sized Lectures – Video Lectures (14+)

Covid-19 has had an impact of many aspects of our life in ways that would have been unimaginable a few months ago. Whilst we need to understand disease transmission and develop a vaccine, it is just as important to understand the social and economic impact of the pandemic and how society can recover. Academics at the University of Stirling have produced 20 bite sized public lectures (10-15 minutes long), with topics ranging from our sense of smell to how much we exercise and how we use transport differently.

Access these lectures on the link where they are available as videos or transcripts. Click on the topic on the main page and in each case the link to the video is in the text underneath the picture.

Bats and COVID-19 – Video Presentation (14+)

Professor Kirsty Park, Biological & Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling

Professor Kirsty Park examines the evidence for a link between bats and the COVID-19 pandemic, and explains why it’s important that bats do not become a scapegoat in our efforts to control coronavirus.

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