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Stirling Old Town Cemetery hides a lot of secrets. This Halloween take part in a gravely serious quiz, that will take you on a virtual tour to uncover ten secrets. If you are brave enough to go for a spooky Halloween walk around the cemetery, please remember to do so in a socially distanced manner.

 Funky 4

It may look like a mistake but it’s meant to be backwards. The backwards 4 was the symbol of the Guildry, established in the 12th century. This one is on John Cowane’s grave (founder of the Cowane’s Trust). How many more 4s can you count on his stone?

The Green Man

The green man is a pagan symbol of fertility, he has leaves for hair and tendrils coming out of his mouth. There are at least two Green Men in the cemetary…can you find them both?

Malt Shovel and Rake

The malt shovel and rake are used on the gravestone of a brewery maltman. Who was he?

Oldest Grave

The oldest grave stone in the cemetery dates back to 1573. Can you find it?

Slithering Snakes

A hungry snake, eating its own tail, this is an ancient symbol of everlasting life. first found in ancient Egypt, later adopted by Christians. There are three in the cemetery….can you find them all?

Scary skull

This is a skull carved on the base of a gravestone, depicted in a coffin. It’s on the second oldest gravestone, hit by several musket balls in the 1650s…..how many musket holes can you see?

Skull and Cross bones

Don’t worry it’s not a pirate grave, but what happens when you keep burying people in the same grave…you disturb the older bodies. Of these the most recognisable bones are skulls and cross bones. How many more skull and cross bones can you find?

Crowning Glory

The crown is used to depict the grave of a metal worker. What was his name?

Time is Running Out

The skull on an hour glass was used to represent time running out and death fast approaching, so repent of your sins before it’s too late! This grave was also where Stirling’s most famous act of grave robbing took place: Bessie Stevinson was buried here in 1821 and stolen over night for a medical student to dissect in the name of science …no one knows where she ended up.

Wild West

This coachman was Butch Cassidy’s great uncle. Where was he born (this may confuse some American visitors!)?

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