Bogs – where there’s muck there’s brass

As part of Stirling Science Festival

In this activity we will take look at the plants that form peat and peat bogs.  These plants have lots of really clever ideas about how they can survive and thrive in such difficult environments.   We will think about how these plants can make peat bogs some of which are thousands of years old and 10’s of meters thick. Come along and take a really close look at peat that is older than the Egyptian Pyramids and work out how all this peat can help us store carbon and reduce climate change.  Peat bogs also store lots of other things besides carbon come along and see what they are.

The event will be in person at Albert Halls on 14th Oct from 11am – 3pm.

Free to attend, drop-in.

See the full programme of the Stirling Science Festival.

Event Info

Cost - £

Albert Halls

Dumbarton Road
FK8 2ql

+44 (0)1786 473 544

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